My Favorite Wrestler

So in this post, I’m going to ask one of the easiest, most basic questions… Who is your favorite wrestler?

We all have one, and we all have our own reasoning why we like them. It’s always interesting hearing who people’s favorites are and why.

The only rule is you have to choose one. No “these guys are tied” bullshit. So I’ll go first… Continue reading

Welcome to the Madness

Well fans… this is the first post from Inside the Squared Circle. Welcome to the blog and thanks for giving it a look. This is for all fans of wrestling from all walks of life. Wrestling is something that I’ve loved fully for a while now, and this is my love letter to it.

I’m going to be posting about my favorite stuff, and some of my not-so-favorite stuff. Yet that’s one of the fundamental parts of wrestling-complaining about wrestling. Continue reading